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Meat Pâtés
5060121851917coarse0.18kgBison pâté with fried onions754
5060121850064coarse0.18kgChicken liver pâté with Cognac220
5060121850293smooth0.18kgChicken liver pâté with Port wine376
5060121855731coarse0.18kgCountry pork pâté with Espelette pepper1539
5060121852976coarse0.18kgCountry-style pâté with sun dried tomatoes947
5060121854017smooth0.18kgDuck mousse with green pepper1149
5060121850026coarse0.18kgDuck pâté223
5060121850033coarse0.18kgDuck pâté with a slice of orange224
5060121855748smooth0.18kgDuck pâté with Armagnac (smooth)1538
5060121852754coarse0.18kgDuck pâté with Armagnac (coarse)877
5060121852952medium0.18kgDuck pâté with foie gras (20%)945
5060121855144coarse0.18kgDuck pâté with Agen prunes and Armagnac (pork free)1448
5060121850095coarse0.18kgFarmhouse pork pâté218
5060121855946coarse0.18kgGingerbread pâté1561
5060121853737coarse0.18kgGoose pâté with chestnuts1102
5060121850385coarse0.18kgGuinea fowl pâté with grapes156
5060121855939coarse0.18kgGuinea Fowl pâté with onion confit1554
5060121855502coarse0.18kgHare pâté with Armagnac1520
5060121853690coarse0.18kgOstrich pâté with blueberries1091
5060121853072coarse0.18kgPartridge pâté with port958
5060121850040coarse0.18kgPheasant pâté with Armagnac226
5060121850286coarse0.18kgPheasant pâté with hazelnuts19
5060121852969coarse0.18kgPheasant pâté with morello cherries946
5060121854987coarse0.18kgPloughmans pâté (farmhouse pork with apple)1417
5060121853003coarse0.18kgPork liver confit (liver slowly cooked in its own juices)950
5060121850057smooth0.18kgPork liver pâté with Cognac219
5060121851146coarse0.18kgPork pâté with chestnuts483
5060121850217coarse0.18kgPork pâté with wild cepe mushrooms377
5060121850200coarse0.18kgPORK-FREE Venison pâté with four spices89
5060121853713coarse0.18kgQuail pâté with white wine and grapes1098
5060121852778coarse0.18kgRabbit pâté880
5060121853744coarse0.18kgRabbit pâté with prunes1107
5060121853706coarse0.18kgRoe deer pâté with red Burgundy wine1092
5060121851764coarse0.18kgSmoked fillet of duck terrine605
5060121850019coarse0.18kgVenison pâté with Cognac225
5060121855069coarse0.18kgVenison pâté with cranberries and Armagnac1276
5060121850279coarse0.18kgVenison pâté with red Burgundy wine1167
5060121850101coarse0.18kgWild boar pâté222
5060121850422coarse0.18kgWild fowl pâté with green pepper163
5060121850071coarse0.18kgWild hare pâté221
5060121853386coarse0.18kgWood pigeon pâté with forest mushrooms1037
5060121855052coarse0.18kgPheasant pâté with figs and Muscat white wine1275
5060121855076coarse0.18kgPork pâté de campagne with goats cheese & walnut wine1277
5060121855151coarse0.18kgPâté de campagne with chives1449
5060121855045coarse0.18kgWild boar pâté with Merlot, sage & thyme1273
5060121855762medium0.18kgSpreadable black pudding terrine (natural)1540
5060121855779medium0.18kgSpreadable black pudding terrine with Espelette pepper1541
5060121853065coarse0.085kgPartridge pâté with port957
5060121853393coarse0.085kgWood pigeon pâté with forest mushrooms1038
5060121853331coarse0.09kgBasque style farmhouse pork pâté1031
5060121853355coarse0.09kgDuck pâté with Armagnac (coarse)1033
5060121855755smooth0.09kgDuck pâté with Armagnac (smooth)1537
5060121850781coarse0.09kgPork pâté with apricots353
5060121850309smooth0.09kgChicken liver pâté with Port wine1283
5060121850262coarse0.09kgPORK-FREE Roe deer pâté167
5060121851139coarse0.09kgPORK-FREE Venison pâté482
5060121853348coarse0.09kgRabbit pâté with prunes1032
5060121851962coarse0.09kgSmoked fillet of duck terrine748
5060121855519coarse0.1kgDuck pâté with caramalised onions (tin)1521
5060121855526coarse0.1kgCountry pork pâté (tin)1522
5060121855533coarse0.1kgPork pâté with goats cheese and walnut wine (tin)1523
5060121855540coarse0.1kgQuail pâté with grapes (tin)1524
5060121855557coarse0.1kgDuck pâté with cepe mushroom and Port wine (tin)1525
5060121855564coarse0.1kgCountry pork pâté with Perigord walnuts (tin)1526
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Meat Rillettes (slowly cooked in their own juices)
5060121855922medium0.09kgChicken RILLETTES with lemon and ginger1555
5060121855908medium0.09kgDuck RILLETTES with black trumpet mushrooms1558
5060121855885medium0.09kgDuck RILLETTES with Espelette pepper1560
5060121850002medium0.18kgDuck RILLETTES (duck slowly cooked in its own juices)263
5060121855496medium0.18kgDuck RILLETTES with 20% block of foie gras (100% duck)1519
5060121855915medium0.18kgChicken RILLETTES with lemon and ginger1556
5060121855892medium0.18kgDuck RILLETTES with black trumpet mushrooms1557
5060121855878medium0.18kgDuck RILLETTES with Espelette pepper1559
5060121851160medium0.18kgGoose RILLETTES (goose slowly cooked in its own juices)485
5060121851153medium0.18kgPork RILLETTES (pork slowly cooked in its own juices)484
5060121855465medium0.18kgRabbit RILLETTES (rabbit slowly cooked in its own juices)1516
5060121854659medium0.2kgWild boar RILLETTES1253
Vegetable Terrines
5060121855786medium0.1kgAubergine terrine with tomato confit1550
5060121855809medium0.1kgCourgette terrine with fresh herbs1549
5060121853164medium0.18kgGoats cheese terrine with artichoke and tomato942
5060121855793medium0.1kgRed and green sweet pepper terrine1548
Pâtés in 'Clip-Top' Rubber-Sealed Jars
5060121852822coarse0.28kgDuck pâté (CLIP TOP JAR)914
5060121854000coarse0.28kgFarmhouse pork pâté (CLIP TOP JAR)1148
5060121852808coarse0.28kgRabbit pâté with wild thyme (CLIP TOP JAR)912
5060121852815coarse0.28kgVenison pâté with Cognac (CLIP TOP JAR)913
5060121852792coarse0.28kgWild boar pâté (CLIP TOP JAR)911
Artisan Pâtés
5060121852174coarse0.2kgHandmade duck pâté with juniper berries790
5060121853980coarse0.2kgHandmade duck pâté with orange1144
5060121852181coarse0.2kgHandmade pork pâté de campagne788
5060121853201coarse0.2kgHandmade pork pâté with fresh shallots974
5060121852204coarse0.2kgHandmade pork pâté with smoked garlic792
5060121852211coarse0.2kgHandmade rabbit pâté789
5060121855595coarse0.2kgHandmade chicken liver pâté1529
Duck Foie Gras
5060121852129smooth0.09kgBlock of duck foie gras774
5060121852112smooth0.18kgWhole duck foie gras (CLIP TOP JAR)773
Goose & Duck Fat
50601218525250.18kgDuck fat872
50601218525180.18kgGoose fat (180g)871
50601218517020.3kgGoose fat (300g)584
Fish Terrines
5060121855106medium0.08kgPrawn terrine1428
5060121854895medium0.09kgCrab terrine with fresh cream and Cognac1387
5060121854918medium0.09kgLobster terrine with fresh cream and Cognac1389
5060121852617medium0.09kgSalmon terrine with dill886
5060121851955medium0.09kgTrout terrine with almonds758
5060121855083medium0.175kgPrawn terrine1426
5060121855090medium0.175kgScallops terrine1427
5060121854901medium0.18kgCrab terrine with fresh cream and Cognac1388
5060121854925medium0.18kgLobster terrine with fresh cream and Cognac1390
5060121852624medium0.18kgSalmon terrine with dill885
5060121851948medium0.18kgTrout terrine with almonds757
5060121851504medium0.2kgSmoked Salmon terrine with chives535
Fish Rillettes
5060121853508medium0.125kgMackerel rillettes1057
5060121853492medium0.125kgSmoked salmon rillettes1056
5060121853515medium0.125kgWhite tuna rillettes with sun-dried tomatoes1058
Premium Quality Sardines & Anchovies from Brittany
50601218550380.115kgAnchovies VINTAGE in extra virgin olive oil1425
50601218548640.115kgSardines ready to heat in a pan1381
50601218556490.115kgSardines in extra virgin olive oil1535
50601218523720.115kgSardines VINTAGE in extra virgin olive oil1477
50601218558160.115kgSardines with basil and thyme in extra virgin olive oil1552
50601218556560.115kgSardines with chorizo and pimento1536
50601218535600.115kgSardines with dried tomatoes1063
50601218535770.115kgSardines with lemon confit & spices1064
50601218535840.115kgSardines with onions in extra virgin olive oil1065
Premium Quality Mackerel Fillets from Brittany
50601218536140.176kgMackerel fillets à la Catalane (in a tomato sauce)1069
50601218558230.176kgMackerel fillets with lemon and basil1551
50601218536210.176kgMackerel fillets in a fresh cream & mustard sauce1070
50601218536070.176kgMackerel fillets in white wine with herbs & spices1067
50601218558300.16kgWhite tuna steaks in brine (tin)1553
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Gourmet Cooked Meals & Dishes in Glass Jars
50601218538810.2kgEscargots (snails) cooked with garlic & parsley1130
50601218541230.35kgKnuckle of juicy, cooked ham (in jelly)1162
50601218540240.6kgBeef bourguignon (pure Charolais beef)1150
50601218540310.6kgCoq au vin1151
50601218518870.75kgCassoulet with duck confit & Toulouse sausages751
50601218534540.75kgChicken Basquaise (tomato, sweet peppers, espelette)1051
50601218505210.75kgDuck confit 2 legs749
50601218545360.79kgChoucroûte garnie (pickled cabbage with charcuterie)1230
50601218518701.35kgDuck confit 4 legs (in a tin)750
50601218509650.2kgBalsamic mustard416
50601218517260.2kgCoarse grain mustard586
50601218517190.2kgDijon mustard (strong)585
50601218556630.25kgDijon mustard (strong) in a STONE CERAMIC JAR1534
50601218509890.2kgDill and honey mustard412
50601218556250.2kgEspelette mustard1532
50601218509960.2kgGreen pepper mustard414
50601218556320.2kgCognac flavoured mustard1533
50601218528460.2kgWalnut flavoured mustard924
50601218523100.2kgWhite truffle flavoured mustard819
Speciality Oils
50601218529210.25ltrHazelnut oil936
50601218529140.25ltrWalnut oil935
Specialities from Provence
50601218513510.08kgAïoli (Garlic mayonnaise)524
50601218513990.08kgBlack olive tapenade with onions & tomatoes522
50601218538430.08kgBlack olive tapenade with truffle juice1126
50601218533620.08kgCream of sardine with lemon juice1034
50601218514980.08kgCream of smoked salmon515
50601218514050.08kgDried tomato caviar519
50601218514290.08kgGreen olive tapenade523
50601218538360.08kgGreen olive tapenade with figs1124
50601218514120.08kgSupreme of goats cheese with hazelnuts527
50601218514670.08kgSupreme of Roquefort with walnuts526
50601218514430.09kgOnion confit with grapes520
50601218536690.17kgAïoli (Garlic mayonnaise - large)1083
50601218536830.18kgBlack olive tapenade with onion & tomato (large)1085
50601218540860.18kgGreen olive tapenade (large)1084
Truffle Products
50601218552500.012kgBlack truffle pieces from Dordogne 12.5g1490
50601218552740.012kgBroken black truffle pieces from Dordogne 12.5g1492
50601218524710.08kgTruffle butter from Dordogne (ambient product)1488
Sauces of Distinction
50601218514740.08kgRouille sauce - specially for fish & fish soup525
50601218545050.19kgBéarnaise sauce (for both meat and fish dishes)1227
50601218544990.19kgHollandaise sauce (especially for fish dishes)1226
Soups (Rich in Vegetables)
50601218544820.5ltrAsparagus soup1225
50601218555710.5ltrAsparagus soup with truffle1527
50601218544130.5ltrFour-seasons vegetable soup1208
50601218558540.5ltrGazpacho with apple and cucumber 1563
50601218558610.5ltrGazpacho with green vegetables1562
50601218544440.5ltrGazpacho with tomatoes and beetroot1211
50601218544200.5ltrLeek and potato soup1209
50601218544370.5ltrMushroom soup1210
50601218544060.5ltrPumpkin soup1207
50601218555880.5ltrPea soup1528
50601218543900.5ltrTomato soup1206
50601218527300.7ltrFrench onion soup900
50601218544680.72ltrFish soup made in Concarneau (Brittany)1221
50601218552980.458ltrLobster soup with Cognac1493
50601218558470.5ltrScallop soup1564
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Vinegars, Pickles & Condiments
50601218548330.06kgCapers in vinegar1304
50601218547340.1kgBlack truffle salt1261
50601218517330.125kgCornichons (small pickled gherkins) - superb with pâté587
50601218523270.25ltrBalsamic vinegar from Modena (aged for 4 years)831
50601218529070.25ltrCider & honey vinegar934
50601218510300.25ltrHerbs of Provence - white wine vinegar405
50601218510540.25ltrRaspberry flavoured vinegar409
50601218523340.25ltrRed wine vinegar832
50601218510160.25ltrReims Champagne vinegar410
50601218533170.25ltrSherry vinegar1028
50601218510610.25ltrTarragon - white wine vinegar408
50601218548570.125kg24 large Burgundy SNAILS in a tin1306
30430311310500.125kg24 premium quality Burgundy SNAILS & 24 empty shells1251
Jute Gift Bags (2 x 180g pâté & Peter`s Yard soughdough crispbread)
50601218553970.465kgFarmhouse (chicken liver / farmhouse pork) & crispbread1507
50601218554030.465kgGame (wild boar / venison with Cognac) & crispbread1508
50601218554100.465kgFish (salmon with dill / trout with almond) & crispbread1509
Pâté Taster Packs
5060121854826mixed0.27kgTASTER PACK: 3 x 90g (chicken liver / duck / pork)1290