Best Sellers

SKUMeat pâté
222Wild boar
220Chicken Liver & Cognac
224Duck & Orange
226Pheasant & Armagnac
225Venison & Cognac
376Chicken liver & Port wine
218Farmhouse pork
1167Venison & red Bugundy wine
221Wild hare
754Bison & fried onions
958Partridge with Port
877Duck with Armagnac
1037Wood pidgeon with mushroom
1102Goose with chestnuts
1092Roe deer with Burgundy wine
Meat pâté (clip top Jars)
911Wild Boar
1148Farmhouse pork
Meat Rillettes
484Pork Rillettes
263Duck Rillettes
485Goose Rillettes
1253Wild boar Rillettes
Fish Terrines
885Salmon & Dill
1390Lobster & Cognac with fresh cream
1388Crab & Cognac with fresh cream
535Smoked Salmon with chives
Fish Rillettes
1057Mackerel Rillettes
1056Smoked salmon Rillettes
1058White tuna Rillettes
Vegetarian terrines
1548Red & green pepper
942Goats cheese with artichoke & tomato
1550Aubergine with tomato confit
1549Courgette with fresh herbs
Sardines, anchovies & Mackerel tins
1477Vintage sardines
1064sardines with lemon confit and spices
1063sardines with dried tomatoes
1535sardines in extra virgin olive oil
1069mackerel fillets a la Catalane (tomato sauce)
819White truffle mustard
585Dijon mustard
586Coarse grain mustard
924Walnut mustard
414Green pepper mustard
415Herbs of provence mustard
Cooked meals
751Cassoulet with duck confit/Toulouse sausage
749Duck Confit - 2 legs
1150Beef Bourguignon
750Duck Confit - 4 legs
1130Snails cooked with garlic
1151Coq au vin
1221Fish Soup
1493Lobster soup
900French onion soup
1225Asparagus soup
1207Pumpkin soup
1206Tomato soup
Specialities from Provence
522Black olive tapenade
523Green olive tapenade
524Aioli (garlic mayonaise)
525Rouille Sauce
1126Black olive tapenade with truffle juice
526Supreme of Roquefort with Walnuts
520Onion confit
Vinegars, pickles & Condiments
409raspberry flavoured vinegar
1028Sherry vinegar
408tarragon white wine vinegar
832Red wine vinegar
831Balsamic vinegar