The Guild of Fine Food is the UK trade association for anyone making or selling top quality local, regional and speciality food and drink. We organise the annual Great Taste Awards and World Cheese Awards and, through our regular training days, help retailers and restaurateurs understand more about speciality cheeses and charcuterie. And all our members enjoy a comprehensive range of membership benefits.

Partridges is one of the few family run food shops in Central London and still is supplied by some of the original suppliers since 1972. We pride ourselves on working with local as well as national producers of the finest produce, items of such quality that we feel confident in branding them with our own name. We try to source the everyday as well as more unusual items. In January 1994 Partridges was granted the Royal Warrant as Grocers to Her Majesty the Queen.

BBC Food - Good French cooking never really goes out of fashion. The heavy haute cuisine of days past has largely been shelved in favour of a lighter approach to cooking, but there's always been much more to French cooking than haute cuisine. From the rich cream and apples of Normandy to the herbs and vegetables of Provence, French cuisine is as diverse as it is delectable. Whether it's bouillabaisse or brioche you're after, here's where to find it.

Arnaud Fréminet - Arnaud Fréminet was born in Paris in 1961. A graduate of the Central Union of the Decorative Arts, he discovered the art of watercolour in 1985. He admired the painters of the School of Barbizon, notably Rosa Bonheur, a very talented artist who had perfected the drawing of animals in their natural habitat. He has become particularly passionate about how he represents the animals of Rambouillet forest in his art work. Now classified among the greatest of animal artists, his works are displayed within two galleries, the World Centre Gallery to Arc-en-Barrois, Marne, France and The Langton Street Gallery, London.

Wild Hare used in our delicious French Hare Pate guild of fine food

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